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SchoolForQuranLearnig.com has created this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy of the users of this website. The following Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers apply to all users of services provided on this website.

What Privacy Policy Covers :

School For Quran Learning is a unique e-Education services provider, we have created this privacy statement to respects your privacy. we committed to protect the personal information that you share with us. our site uses forms in which you give us contact information like your name, email and contact number ets. Remember! We don't share this with third party at any cost.

Collection and Use of Personal Information:

Our site uses forms in which you give us contact information like your name, email and contact number ets. we collect this information with the consent of the user for the registration to the online courses, our newsletters and to inform for other services.

Collection and Use of Non-personal Information:

Information regarding IP address of users, cookie information and pages visited is stored by www.schoolforquranlearning.com to customize the content the users see and to provide them with a better experience. Cookies may be set on users computer by third-parties showing ads on www.schoolforquranlearning.com. Such cookies and content are guided by the privacy policy of relevant third parties and www.schoolforquranlearning.com shall not be held responsible for them.

Information Discloser:

Personal information of users may be shared with third-parties on express consent of the user.

Free Trial:

Our trial lessons are absolutely free. User will go ahead for regular paid lessons if he is satisfied with our service.

Refund Policy:

We have 100% student satisfaction policy .Users may ask us for refund if by any reason they are not satisfied with our services. For this purpose, claims may be sent to info@schoolforquranlearning.com .

Cancellation Policy:

Users may cancel their subscription by giving 1 month prior notice by email with title Cancellation at info@schoolforquranlearning.com

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